Welcome to IndiePattern, where creativity meets sewing excellence! We are your destination for handpicked, high-quality digital sewing patterns that cater to all skill levels. At IndiePattern, we’re not just a marketplace – we’re a community dedicated to inspiring and empowering makers like you. Our curated selection, commitment to sustainability, and inclusive approach to fashion make us a unique hub for your sewing journey. Join us in celebrating individuality, creativity, and the joy of crafting something uniquely yours. Happy stitching!


IndiePattern is a place to connect, be inspired, get creative, and sew your heart out, because this isn’t your grandmothers kind of sewing!

Our digital PDF patterns can be downloaded instantly, right from your phone or computer.

From there, you can either print your patterns out on your home printer and tape all of the individual sheets together, or you can project the patterns onto your fabric, if you own a projector for sewing.

We encourage out customers to modify and change the patterns to their liking – we try to think of the patterns as a template to your own designing!

The patterns include;

  • Printable A4/Letter and A0 files
  • Most of the patterns include projector files
  • Multiple modification options
  • Full step by step cutting and construction tutorials


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