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How to print PDF sewing patterns

How to print PDF sewing patterns

Working with PDF patterns can save you a lot of time. In our files you have the possibility to select only your size(s) and include the seam allowance in one go. The pattern pieces do not overlap, so after printing, all there is left to do is assembling and cutting. 

In this article we will walk you through the process of printing a pattern step by step. There are 2 ways to print your digital sewing pattern:

  • Print A4/US Letter size at home.
  • Have the large format file (A0) printed at a copy shop or at a local fabric store that offers a print-on-demand service. 


1. Download the PDF file that has A4/Letter mentioned in the file name. Open the file using Adobe Acrobat Reader or a similar software program.

2. Click on the ‘layers’ icon in the left menu bar. Keep the layers of your size(s) and seam allowance checked, as well as the layer ‘TEXT always on’ (which contains all the info about the pattern). Uncheck all the other layers because you don’t need them. This way you won’t have to search for the lines of your size(s) and you won’t have to trace. You can just print and cut straight away. 

Clickable layers in pdf reader to select your size and print out your sewing pattern

3. Open the print menu. Make sure ‘actual size’ or ‘100%’ is selected. The print orientation (portrait/ landscape) should be set to automatic.

Print menu for print at home pdf sewing patterns

4. To check if the pattern pieces will end up coming out of the printer in the right scale, start by printing only the first page. That page contains a test square that you can measure to check if the scale is correct. 

Ruler measuring test square to check if scaling is correct

5. When the test square measurements are printed correctly you can go along and fill in the pages you wish to print in the print menu. We advise you to only print the pages that contain the pattern pieces of the design variation that you are going to make. You can find the overview of how the pattern pieces are laid out (print layout) in the instructions booklet. This is the file that has ‘Instructions’ is mentioned in the file name.

overview of how to assemble the A4 US letter pages of the sewing pattern

6. Click ‘Print’.

Pile of printed A4 US letter pages of the Billy sewing pattern with scissors and tape


1. Download the file that has A0/Copy shop mentioned in the file name. 

2. Send the file to a local copy shop or a fabric store that offers a print-on-demand service. Important: this file also has different layers, so don’t forget to mention which layers need to be printed and which need to be turned off. (read step 2 of ‘print at home’ above)

3. Go and pick up your print order or have it sent to your house. 


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