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The 5 key advantages of digital sewing patterns

The 5 key advantages of digital sewing patterns

If you are new to the world of digital sewing patterns, you came to the right place. Let’s start by taking a look at the 5 reasons why these popular downloadable files are here to stay.


Your next sewing project is just one click away. Because when you buy a PDF sewing pattern, you will get your downloadable files immediately after purchase. Then they are yours to print at home and start sewing straight away. This also means that you can easily purchase sewing patterns from designers around the world.


Tracing time is over and done with! With our PDF sewing patterns you have the possibility to select the size(s) you want and only print those. So you don’t have to decipher hundreds of lines and try to trace the right ones. Also, you have the option to print with the seam allowances included. So there you have it: print, cut, sew. No more tracing.


You also get a file that allows you to print on large format (A0) at a copy shop or a fabric store that offers a print-on-demand service. Or if you have an A0 plotter at home or at work, things can get quite easy for you!


You’re saving trees. It might not look like it when you see the amount of pages in the pattern file … BUT you are using this file to print only the pattern pieces that you are actually going to use (and hopefully re-use). Compare that to paper pattern booklets or sewing magazines which include all the patterns in all the sizes and then some. And not all of the printed products get sold, so more than you would like to believe end up in the trash without ever being used.


You can even get your sewing project started without using any paper! Because, here at Notches, we also include a projector file with each pattern. With this optimized file you can use a beamer to project the pattern pieces straight onto your fabric. The pattern pieces are laid out in a specific way that is optimal for projector use. Learn more about using a projector to cut your pattern, because if you are or will become a frequent sewer, it’s definitely something worth considering to invest in. 


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